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Sukrin Bread Mix review

A couple of years ago, I was bitten by the baking bug. I was already a keen amateur cook, and after a bit of time experimenting, I became a pretty proficient baker too. Suffice to say, after 2 years both Mrs Steve and myself became wobbling testaments to my skills with gluten. Fast forward to […]


The Konjac revolution – Eatwater Slim Noodles review

Book’em Danno… No, not Kojak… Konjac! Eatwater probably isn’t a name you are familiar with (or Konjac for that matter), but both probably will be once you try their products. Eatwater have created a range of faux products including noodles, spaghetti, fetuccini, lasagne, penne and, wait for it, rice! An entire 200g pack of spaghetti, gives […]


Low carb chocolate muffins

These are so easy to put together, and are the perfect partner to a mid-morning coffee and cream. There are dozens of muffin recipes out there and a few chocolate ones, and most use just almond flour. I wanted something just a little more luxurious, and filling without busting my carb allowance completely, and I […]